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Human Resources

Staff solutions

"A company only exists to serve customers and keep them satisfied. To carry out this mission it must be able to rely on people that are motivated, efficient, competent and have confidence in their employer.

Although the Group covers a wide range of professions and locations, we have one set of guiding principles in the way that we recruit, develop and reward our employees.

We never forget that our people are our greatest asset."

Martin Bouygues (taken from the Group's HR Charter)


These principles enabled our parent company - Bouygues - to grow in just 50 years from a small family-run business to an international multi-services group employing over 120,000 people worldwide. Ecovert FM is equally ambitious: we are aiming to treble in size in three years, and with three new large-scale contracts recently signed, we are well on our way to meeting our target. To do this we need people with the right skills, attitude and experience to share our vision and build a successful future.

Ecovert FM offers an exciting and stimulating culture in which to work. We expect our people to fulfill and exceed their potential, and support their achievements through a rigorous training programme reinforced through our Annual Interview Scheme.

Once we have found the right candidate, we seek to retain them through a pay and benefits scheme that rewards success and reflects market rates inside and outside of the company.

We encourage internal promotions. When a job is created or becomes vacant we give priority to finding a suitable candidate from within the company.

As part of our Annual Interview Scheme, all staff members have the opportunity to meet individually and formally with their manager once a year to discuss how they are doing and where they see themselves in the future.  

We always try to match our employees' expectations with the opportunities available in the company.


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For the most recent copy of the above links, please visit Human Resources at the website of our parent company, Bouygues.


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