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Formed in July 2001 to host the facilities management contracts of Bouygues in the UK, Ecovert FM has made a considerable impact in the FM market, having secured project income in excess of 550 million over the next 30 years.

Ecovert FM believes that its success is due to three key factors:

  1. Our dynamic entrepreneurial culture promotes out of the box thinking coupled with strong interpersonal values to encourage development of potential at all levels of the organisation.
  2. We offer a local presence through experienced in-house teams, who are able to deliver an efficient and effective organisational response to directly meet the needs of all our customers and staff.
  3. Reinforcing these key factors as part of the international Bouygues Group of companies, we benefit from robust parent company support, along with a solid balance sheet to underwrite our operating activities

The Bouygues Group is one of Europe's largest industrial groups. Founded in 1952 by Francis Bouygues, the original construction company quickly expanded and diversified into other business areas.

Today, Bouygues SA (Bouygues Group) is a diversified industrial group with a strong corporate culture. Its business activities are:

With its inspirational head office near Versailles, which some have likened to the famous chateau, the Bouygues Group turnover today is over 11 billion per annum and rising. Martin Bouygues, CEO and son of the late founder Francis Bouygues, says in the group's Human Resource Charter:

A company only exists to serve customers and to keep them satisfied. To carry out this mission it must be able to rely on people that are motivated, efficient, and competent and have confidence in their employer.

Although the Group covers a wide range of professions and locations, we have one set of guiding principles in the way that we recruit, develop and reward our employees. We never forget that our people are our greatest asset.

It is this emphasis on both the customer and the staff that is at the heart of all Bouygues Group companies, and even more so is evident at the very core of all that Ecovert FM does and represents.

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